Gift a Predator Trap 

For a special occasion or just to say you care. Donate to protect local biodiversity.

A predator trap deployed in the Ruahine Ranges is the perfect waste-free gift to help bring kiwi back to the area.

Rats, stoats, possums, wild cats and hedgehogs destroy bird life by attacking small chicks and eating eggs.  When you donate a trap as a gift, your money will be put towards the installation of traps to kill these alien predators.  

We are hoping to deploy up to 1000 traps in the Ruahine Ranges over 2021-22. Your donation will help in significantly decreasing predator numbers and increasing bird life in the area.

1. Make a donation of your chosen amount.

2. Once we confirm the donation is in the ENM bank account we will send out a gift certificate that explains the 'Gift of a Predator Trap' idea and how it works. This will be sent to you, or to the gift recipient/s directly (if their email address has been provided). 

3. Within the 12 months following your donation the trap will be set in, or in the vicinity of the Ruahine Ranges.

4. When a donation is made over $2000 you are invited to name the line (e.g, you might like to call it 'Smith Family Trap Line'.


Buy eggs from The Egg Project!

The Egg Project is giving much appreciated support to the Ruahine Kiwi  Project through an incentive for people to donate eggs for traps for the cause. Hundreds of eggs have been donated so far and doing so is a simple way to support biodiversity and the reintroduction of kiwi to the Ruahine Ranges by 2026.