This page is designed with our members in mind, to provide information that may be of use for their organisational development. We welcome contact from our member group representatives about these resources and about other resources they might want to see developed.

One of ENM’s fundamental values is working together – great things happen when people are connected. Groups meet and collaborate, and two subnetworks have formed under the ENM umbrella – the Biodiversity Cluster and the Food Action Network. Collaboration with other organizations can boost your project’s chances of success. This page has resources on collaboration, written by our volunteers and member groups.
The Health and Safety at Work Act came into effect in 2016. This legislation does not have a big impact on all-voluntary organisations, but the human bottom line remains the same: good planning can improve the health and safety of our volunteers. On this page you can find materials developed by ENM and some of its member groups, along with other external organisations. Governance boards and volunteer managers might find these materials helpful in improving their practices.
A list of tips on raising more funds, kindly written by Kerrie Tilby-Price from Exult (Helping non-profits grow).
Links to information on the history and process of Waitangi Treaty settlement.