Mapping our member groups, collectives and projects.

This map has been hosted and developed in collaboration with Enviroment Hubs Aotearoa and is used with their kind permission.


Using the Map

  • Clicking the title  buttons on the left will bring up different layers. Tick the boxes to turn layers on and off.
  • Click on map icons to bring up details about the organisation, including contact details, or more information relating to that point.
  • The map contains layers about our different focus areas: Manawatū River Source to Sea, Manawatū Food Action Network and the Plastic Pollution Challenge.
  • The "General" button contains a layer showing just ENM's location, as well as all of our 65 member groups.
  • Turning on the Food Action Network, Source to Sea and Plastic Pollution Challenge layers will bring up data points relating to these projects, and information on how to use these layers.