ENM is proposing to enter a submission on behalf of the network to the Ministry for the Environment consultation, Reducing the impact of plastic on our environment. If you have comments or feedback, please email us by midday Monday 30 November. This consultation seeks feedback on two proposals related to plastic design, use and disposal. These proposals align strongly with the Plastic Pollution Challenge project (PPPC).

Proposal 1: The Government is looking to move away from hard-to-recycle plastics, starting with a phase-out of some polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polystyrene packaging, and all oxo-degradable plastic products. This is part of a long-term shift toward a more circular economy for plastics where packaging materials are made of higher value materials that are easier to recycle.

Proposal 2: The Government also seeks feedback on a phase-out of some single-use plastic items. Moving away from single-use items in the future will help to encourage reuse, reduce waste to landfill, and minimise harm to the environment from plastic litter.

ENM is proposing that we, and any other member groups that are interested, sign up to support the Zero Waste Community Joint Submission. We have also prepared a two-page document relevant to the PPPC project, that we plan to submit separately on behalf of ENM. As well as the joint submission, we invite all member groups to make their own submissions. Submissions close on 4 December. A range of useful resources can be found at this link.