Harvey Jones grew up in Pahiatua where his family had a strong history of community service and local government engagement. Returning from OE and then renting in Palmerston North, Harvey moved to Ashhurst in 1989 to their new family home. He engaged in a variety of local committees and initiatives including the Ashhurst Action Group (AAG), a parallel group to the then established Ashhurst Ward Committee, of which he was also a member.  The AAG focused on a variety of environmental based projects including Village Green landscaping, state highway plantings, murals, and erecting a village notice board.

Harvey has been involved with RECAP since its inception in 2010 arising from carpool conversations regarding local currency and local sustainability initiatives with academic, and permaculture educator Sharon Stevens during journeys to Massey. As RECAP chairperson since 2013, Harvey has helped to manage the growth of RECAP, and has had hands-on involvement with its projects which include a community garden, orchard, food sharing initiatives, a bush remnant and a predator trap library.  RECAP also offers educational seminars, films and workshops on topics related to permaculture, resilience, and sustainability to the communities of Ashhurst and Pohangina.

A natural innovator and communicator, Harvey has incredible connections and skills and a seemingly infinite amount of energy to help things move forward. He has been a key driver of many local projects that make Ashhurst the place it is today. Harvey is a keen gardener with a section that produces an enviable amount of produce which he generously gives away, grapefruit, elephant plums and almonds being amongst his amazing offerings. He is also chairperson for the Ashhurst Village Voice newsletter.

To find out more about RECAP please go to recap.org.nz or Facebook @ResilienceAshhurstPohangina.