Do you have plans to increase the range of items that can be recycled and upcycled domestically?




(Same answer as question 3)

Labour is committed to transitioning to a zero waste circular economy, focused on the waste hierarchy priorities of preventing and reducing waste and reusing resources, followed by recycling and safe disposal.

As part of part of our plan to reduce the amount of rubbish ending up in New Zealand’s landfills, we’re funding new recycling infrastructure and expanding the national waste levy scheme. We’re accelerating work to achieve better and more consistent kerbside collection of recyclables. And we’re progressing work on regulated product stewardship schemes for tough waste issues, such as e-waste. We’ve also banned single-use plastic bags and are looking at phasing out more single use plastics. 

Through the Waste Minimisation Fund, we’re creating jobs by investing in projects to help New Zealand reduce, reuse, and recycle. And, we’re addressing food waste with $14.9 million investment to reduce waste by redirecting food to people in need. 

Labour will continue to build on this progress. 


The Green Party supports reducing waste at every step of the production chain. Protecting Papatūānuku, and creating jobs in the process, requires effective regulation, incentives, and innovation. We will continue to invest in waste reduction and community initiatives, encouraging the recovery, reuse, redistribution, recycling, and reallocation of materials. Through careful planning and a clear vision, we will create a sustainable and circular economy. For example, the Green Party will:

  • Fix kerbside plastic recycling to be more consistent throughout Aotearoa, and develop local recycling capability to process more recyclable materials onshore.
  • Amend the Consumer Guarantees Act to introduce a Right to Repair, requiring manufacturers to design products that can be fixed, not thrown away.
  • Reward innovation by increasing funding available through the Waste Minimisation Fund, creating a materials recovery, re-use, and repurposing sector that supports good jobs in Aotearoa.