Do you have policies that support a more resilient food system, that includes local food supply rather than export-orientated or import-heavy?


Yes and as already indicated during debate on the Zero Carbon Act we will amend that legislation accordingly.


One of the greatest challenges facing the world right now is the need to feed a growing population. New Zealand has a well-earned reputation for producing some of the best food in the world, and Labour is committed to safeguarding this. We’re protecting New Zealand’s most fertile and versatile land, through a proposed new National Policy Statement for Highly Productive Land, to improve the way highly productive land is managed under the RMA. This will ensure it maintain its availability for primary production for future generations and is protected from inappropriate subdivision, use and development. 

And, we’re maintaining the viability of fresh vegetable production within specific areas of the Pukekohe and Lake Horowhenua catchments, through transitional provisions under our new National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management.


The Green Party’s vision is for an agricultural sector that sustainably feeds Aotearoa and the world; protects and enhances the environment; and contributes to the continued success and vibrancy of Aotearoa’s rural communities. The Green Party will:

  • Extend country-of-origin labelling to all food products, so people can choose to buy local.
  • Promote urban agriculture, food forests, and food growing in towns and cities.
  • Model environmentally sustainable farming with government-owned Pāmu-Landcorp farms.
  • Protect productive food-growing land from urban sprawl.
  • Encourage government agencies to buy locally grown food and timber products.