Plastic pollution is an urgent global issue. Manawatu River Source to Sea (an entity of ENM) is working together with Massey University's Zero Waste Academy on this project that aims to collect data from 40 randomly selected sample sites on streams running through Palmerston North, to get a better idea of the overall size of the plastic pollution issue in the city.

And so Palmy’s Plastic Pollution Challenge was born, and is now well and truly underway. We have had fantastic support from a wide range of engaged citizens – school children, business people, students, community groups members, neighbours, they all came out to help with events.

As you can see on our map we are getting through the sampling sites. We have so far managed to collect rubbish from 19 out of our 40 randomly selected 100 square metre sampling sites. Another 19 sites have either been booked by schools and community groups or will be covered during public events between now and 6 April. Another 5 sites are still hoping to find a sampling team (and yes, this does not add up to 40 -  our science leader, Jonathon Hannon, is ever so hopeful we can do a couple of extras…..). If you are keen to share this experience and help find out just how much plastic is accumulating in our urban streams, now is the time to sign up.

There are a number of public events coming up – and we still have 5 sites that you could book for an outing with family and friends.  You can find out more and register for a public event, or book a group outing on our web page.

To see a presentation on the why, what and how, click here.

And if sampling is not your passion, come and join us for the sorting and counting at Te Manawa between 15 and 28 April. More information regarding these events will be published after the sampling round.