The Palmy Dirty 30 challenge is a local parent-led initiative to try to encourage more local kids to get outdoors a bit more often. As it's definitely not summer anymore, it's nearly the school holidays and the days are getting shorter, it's time for some new challenges! The new Autumn-Winter challenge sheets can be downloaded from the Palmy Dirty 30 website. There is a Facebook page where members post ideas for local places to go to carry out the challenges and share other free family fun ideas and events. Also on Twitter and Instagram as #PalmyDirty30.

In August 2016, the "Palmy Rocks" group started up. This involves painting and hiding rocks in local areas for others to find. It has been extremely popular to date and is still going, with currently about 7,870 members. Find it on Facebook.

The 'Passport to Play Palmy' challenge has run for the past two summers. The prizes are long gone, however there are two DIY passports which can be downloaded from the website and the posts are still in the ground to find. More information here.