Susana Figlioli is deeply passionate about learning, and connections with people who understand and believe that we are at one with the natural environment. Originally from Argentina she found herself awed by the unique NZ environment ‘…The magnificence of nature, so accessible here, the bush, ranges, rivers and beach…all powerful, alive, interconnected, wild, enabling, nurturing, wise’. It was this reverence, and the first lockdown that inspired her to start Green Drinks Palmerston North along with close friends Vanesa, Clara and Jimena.

Green Drinks is a global movement of informal social events where people have meaningful conversations about the environment and sustainability matters. Animated by values such as social commitment and environmental awareness, the group aims to provide for opportunities for members to get informed and inspired to make a positive difference, as little as it might be, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Susana learned about Green Drinks during her time living and working in Buenos Aires and started the Palmerston North group in September 2020. Susana thought ‘why not here?’ understanding that there are a wealth of people within the community committed to environmental outcomes for people and place.

Green Drinks usually takes place the second Wednesday of every month from 6pm -7:30pm at Viva Café and Bar on Rangitikei Street. Susana describes the event as an ‘eye opener space’ that brings together people with ‘shared values and aspirations for a relaxing evening where people really get inspired’.  

Normally the event has guest speakers who in the past have talked on topics such as climate action, waste minimization, natural products, ethical fashion, gardening and food resilience, but for the next meeting which takes places on the 5th of April there will be a quiz night featuring (not so hard) sustainability and environment questions. It promises to be a whole lot of fun.

You can keep current with Green Drinks events by following them on Facebook or contact them on