Paula is incredibly creative, crafty and community driven; for her a volunteering role with Supergrans Manawatū and ENM’s Palmerston North Repair Café is a logical extension of these passions that sees her sharing these wonderful skills.

Paula became a regular volunteer for Supergrans Manawatū where she teaches a weekly sewing class, after learning about them at one of the earlier Repair Cafe’s. Supergrans Manawatū works to help build resilience in the community by empowering and guiding whanau and individuals to develop health sustainable life skills including sewing knitting  preserving and cooking, through one on one, group and workshop opportunities. Paula loves her sewing class, which up to five people attend per week and appreciates being involved with the organisation which she notes ‘ gives me a sense of community and belonging, fosters spirit and offers support with other things’. There are many volunteering opportunities within Supergrans and interest and enquiries are welcomed. For Paula, one and a half years in, she has found a space where she feels like she is ‘part of a team’.

Paula also volunteers for Palmerston North Repair Café, where she is the resident darner and cuddly toy mending specialist.  Her skills arguably bring the biggest smiles every cafe, as a child (and a relieved parent) has their beloved toy returned to a happier state. Paula says she ‘loves the challenge of there being a problem and finding a solution for it... things like teddy bears are something I know how is constructed as I have made them myself’ . Her skill, kindness and patience is appreciated by each Repair Café customer she interacts with.

To find out more about Supergrans Manawatū go to or email the manager Joanne Baird on Keep an eye on their website for upcoming 2024 workshops.

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