Permaculture Course 2017

RECAP is excited to be offering their popular Permaculture Course again in 2017.

Permaculture is an integrated approach to designing homes, gardens and neighbourhoods. It is grounded in three core ethics. Take care of the earth—its soil, water, air, plants and animals. Take care of people—work with the earth to provide for the needs and wants of humans. Be fair— put needs before wants and promote social justice.

Given these ethics, permaculture teaches a flexible design approach that takes into account particular landscape features, including energies (such as solar and wind patterns) and locally-available, renewable resources. It shows people how a well-designed home and garden can reduce energy consumption and help people get the most out of their garden for the least amount of work, while avoiding reliance on external materials. It also offers diverse tools for building more resilient local communities.

  • RECAP's approach to a permaculture design certificate course is unique. The 12 standard modules are offered on 12 Saturdays over two years.
  • All modules are taught on a Saturday, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. at the Village Valley Centre in central Ashhurst.
  • The 2017 course starts January 28
  • Thanks to Palmerston North City Council and Lotteries, the workshops are available to students at a highly subsidised rate: $40 per day, or $280 for the year.
  • Space is strictly limited and we operate on a first come first served basis. There are still some spaces available. To learn more about course tutors, contents, and dates see
  • The course is certified by PiNZ, Permaculture in New Zealand.

To register email Jane Evans, RECAP