Green Corridors Range to River

The aim of Green Corridors Range to River is to plant corridors of eco-sourced native vegetation along stream banks connecting the Tararua Range to the Manawatū River. This provides habitat for wildlife including birds, insects and lizards but also improves the water quality of the streams and thus helps the aquatic life. Founded in 2001 by two community members, this group initially focused on the Turitea Valley but has now extended to many of the gullies in the Summerhill and Aokautere areas. Council have developed an extensive system of walkways through much of our plantings.

  • The group has evolved into a successful collaboration between Community and City Council.
  • Projects are of a long term nature, with successive planting and ongoing maintenance.
  • Green Corridors sees the increasing importance of having areas of natural biodiversity close to urban areas, both for conservation and amenity reasons.

Since 2001, volunteers have planted over 100,000 native plants in 15 hectares of gullies in the Summerhill area and 10 hectares of riparian margin along the Turitea Stream. Green Corridors hope to extend into other valleys between the Tararua Range and the Manawatu River such as Moonshine Valley and to increase involvement with gullies in the Aokautere area.

If you would like to help out with planting days or to make a donation then please get in touch.

Green Corridors, Range to River, c/o Palmerston North City Council, Private Bag 11-034, Palmerston North

Phone: 06 356 8199

Website: Visit now